We are surrounded by fashion photos and pop up ads of "how to lose weight within a week" or images of "before and after diet". Diet has become a must. Women are not happy with their bodies, getting depressed and creating their own solutions to look thinner, which some times does not make any sense. They eat very little or don’t eat at all.In this project I am pro diet as well as against it. Going along with it  but also making fun of it.

Be happy no matter if heavy or thin!


Little weights as handles for exercising each time you pick the food from the plate. Exercise while you eat and regret less.

Rubber strip

The measuring tape is made out off elastic rubber.Stretch it until it makes you happy.

Chocolate bar

The chocolate bar is divided into different size of cubes. You can decide how much calories you eat according to your mood.


Instructions for the banana diet are written on the banana: 6 bananas and 6 glasses of milk per day  for 7 days. This promises a big weight loss.


When on diet, numbers do matter if they refer to calories. Here the nutrition info is printed on the apple's skin making it the package. It gives the necessary info for a very common diet product.

P.S.The package dissolves in nature.


The ceramic plate has a silver glass on it, providing a perfect mirror effect. Whatever you put on the plate looks twice the size.


The project was presented in The Design and Architecture 2009 exhibition in Fredric R.Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv.